ixia’s Public Art Survey 2018


ixia has launched its fifth survey into public art in the UK. We are asking you to provide us with your answers to a set of questions about public art - and are seeking your responses now.


The survey investigates:

The range of individuals and organisations who are engaged with public art;

How public art is funded;

Where public art is happening;


Why individuals and organisations value public art.


Our last survey in 2015 suggested that the sector had an overall value of £70m; that socially engaged practice and art and architecture remained the most typical forms of public art; that the workforce was getting older and was predominantly female; and, per head of population, there was a large disparity between the commissioning of new public projects with London and the South averaging nearly double the number of new projects per head of population than the rest of England. Help us find out what has changed in the last three years.


We value your views and experiences, and the findings of the survey will help set IXIA's agenda for the next five years.


The survey will take between 3 and 10 minutes to complete, depending on the extent of your involvement with public art.


The survey is confidential and only aggregated data will be published. All subscribers to Public Art Online’s e-list will receive a summary of the survey's findings at the same time as the media.



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